‘Das Buch Bayern’: The Portrayal of Antisemitism and the ‘Wahrhaft Deutschen’ in Success (1930) provides a useful introduction to the novel and points out that although it garnered the author a Nobel Prize for Literature nomination in 1930, it put him and immediate family members in the crosshairs of the Nazi press. The paper is in Feuchtwanger Studies 8 (Bern, 2022).

— Another excellent starting point for readers of Success is ‘What about Lion Feuchtwanger? A Reader’s Tale’, by International Feuchtwanger Society President and novelist Tanja Kinkel. “Lion Feuchtwanger manages to credibly create characters moved by ideas, by fiction and by art. All of this works perfectly in tandem with the characters being physical creatures, usually with vivid sex lives, who are not given to instant heroism.” (In: Against the Eternal Yesterday, Essays Commemorating the Legacy of Lion Feuchtwanger (Los Angeles, 2009).

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