Feuchtwanger and Judaism, History, Imagination, Exile, ed. Paul Lerner and Frank Stern (Bern: Peter Lang) was published in November 2019. The volume covers the Jewish themes that ran through Lion Feuchtwanger’s life, works and worlds. Beginning with a selection of Feuchtwanger’s unpublished writings, speeches, and interviews, the volume examines the author’s approaches to Jewish history, Zionism, Judaism’s relationship to early Christianity and to Eastern religions, and Jewish identity through his works, above all historical fiction.

The volume was launched at an event hosted by the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library at the University of Southern California, as the first in a series with the overarching title ‘Exile and Resistance: Migrants and Refugees in Literature, History and Public Affairs.’

— A recent scholarly article (in English) about Lion Feuchtwanger’s best-known historical novel with a Jewish theme, Jud Süss, can be found here

— For a recent analysis (in English) of Jewish themes in the historical novel Der jüdische Krieg, see ‘Caught Between Cultures: Lion Feuchtwanger’s Flavius Josephus’

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