The Drei Masken Verlag first edition of Jud Süss (1925) is prominently displayed in the Library of Burned and Banned Books at the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism. It is easily identifiable by its yellow jacket, on the top shelf. The total print run of the novel in German up until 1933 was 200,000; in other European languages (English, French and a dozen others), Yiddish and Hebrew it was 638,000.

The novel first appeared in English in 1926, in a translation by Edwin and Willa Muir. It immediately enjoyed extraordinary critical and commercial success and had a lasting impact on Lion Feuchtwanger’s international reputation. Three factors contributed to its success: a seminal review by the eminent British novelist Arnold Bennett, the business acumen of the British publisher Martin Secker, and the much-praised skill of the Muirs.

The following article by former International Feuchtwanger Society President Professor Ian Wallace tells the story of the Muirs’ translation and also contains valuable insight into the novel: Ian Wallace, ‘Jud Süss in English Translation‘, in Paul Lerner and Frank Stern (eds), Feuchtwanger and Judaism (Bern: Peter Lang, 2019).

Recent international conference:
— The Many Guises of Jud Süss. The Image of “The Jew”: Joseph Süss Oppenheimer via Feuchtwanger to Goebbels and Beyond.
University of Amsterdam, 2012

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