Gedenktafel cropped

Regerstrasse 8, Lion Feuchtwanger’s former home in Berlin, now has a new and more visible commemorative plaque mounted on the front wall of the house (the existing plaque on the pavement has been left in place), writes Marta Feuchtwanger biographer Manfred Flügge.

Regerstrasse 8 front

Photo credits: Manfred Flügge

The Nazis’ expropriation of the house prompted Lion Feuchtwanger to write his well-known sarcastic public letter (1935) to the subsequent occupants (under National Socialism the street name was changed from Mahlerstrasse to Regerstrasse, as Mahler was Jewish).

A reading of Lion Feuchtwanger’s public letter was given at the the 2015 Hay-on-Wye (UK) Literary Festival as part of Letters Live, an event held to celebrate the art of letter-writing. The reading was performed by actor Jude Law. Letters Live was also performed by Jude Law at a refugee camp in Calais on February 21st 2016, to contribute to ongoing public debate on migration.


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