Gedenktafel cropped

Regerstrasse 8, Lion Feuchtwanger’s former home in Berlin, now has a new and more visible commemorative plaque mounted on the front wall of the house. The existing plaque on the pavement has been left in place.

Regerstrasse 8 front

The Nazis’ expropriation of the house prompted Lion Feuchtwanger to write his well-known sarcastic open letter (1935) to the subsequent occupants (under National Socialism the street name was changed from Mahlerstrasse to Regerstrasse, as Mahler was Jewish).

A reading of Lion Feuchtwanger’s public letter was given at the the 2015 Hay-on-Wye (UK) Literary Festival as part of Letters Live, an event held to celebrate the art of letter-writing. The reading was performed by actor Jude Law. Letters Live was also performed by Jude Law at a refugee camp in Calais on February 21st 2016, to contribute to ongoing public debate on migration.

— Recent scholarly publication: Geoffrey V. Davis (ed.), Feuchtwanger und Berlin (Bern: Peter Lang, 2015)

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