Bestselling novelist and International Feuchtwanger Society member Tanja Kinkel’s article ‘Villa Aurora’ is available from the Literatur in Bayern website.


“[…] Ich zog in Marta Feuchtwangers früheres Zimmer ein und hatte drei Monate lang das Glück, in dem Paradies zu leben, das sich Lion und Marta, zwei Münchner im Exil, am Pazifik geschaffen hatten.”

Tanja Kinkel has acknowledged the influence of Lion Feuchtwanger on her novels, and her doctoral dissertation was entitled Naemi, Ester, Raquel und Ja’ala–Väter, Töchter, Machtmenschen und Judentum bei Lion Feuchtwanger (Bonn: Bouvier Verlag, 1998).

On Lion Feuchtwanger’s skills as a novelist, she writes (in Against the Eternal Yesterday, Essays Commemorating the Legacy of Lion Feuchtwanger (Los Angeles: Figueroa Press/USC Libraries, 2009), 94): “What draws me in every time are Feuchtwanger’s characters, who are richly ambiguous and rarely cut-and-dried, and his great gifts for describing places he knew intimately, like his hometown Munich, and places he didn’t know at all and never saw in his life, like Israel. I’ve lived in Munich since the winter of 1988, and it is sometimes amusing, sometimes slightly disturbing to find so much of the Munich–of the Bavaria–Feuchtwanger described in Erfolg still there.”

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