A symposium entitled ‘The Many Guises of Jud Süss’, organized by Professor Evelien Gans, was held at the University of Amsterdam’s Menasseh Ben Israel Instituut from May 10th-12th 2012.

The Many Guises of Jud Süss
The Image of “The Jew”: Joseph Süss Oppenheimer via Feuchtwanger to Goebbels and Beyond

Prof. Dr. Evelien Gans (University of Amsterdam/NIOD): Short Introduction
Documentary Feuchtwanger lebt!  (Herbert Krill, 2008)
Prof. Dr. Frank Stern (Institut für Zeitgeschichte/Universität Wien)Challenging Anti-Humanism: Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) as a Jewish-German Author

Prof. Dr. Evelien Gans (University of Amsterdam/NIOD)The Feuchtwanger Effect: Jew Süss as a Testing Ground for Anti- and Philo-semitic Stereotypes
Prof. Dr. Susan Tegel(orig. University of Hertfordshire): The Reincarnation of Jud Süss over Two Centuries
Jew Suess: A Film (1934) by Lothar Mendes
Prof. Dr. Susan Tegel: Short Introduction to Jud Süss (Veit Harlan, 1940)
 Jud Süss: A Film (1940) by Veit Harlan
Prof. Dr. Barbara von der Lühe(Institut für Sprache und Kommunikation/ Technische Universität Berlin): Afterlife and Aftermath. What Happened to Jud Süss after 1945?

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