Some recent mainstream discussions of the quality of Lion Feuchtwanger’s work, immortality and “the canon”:

Literaturpapst Marcel Reich-Ranicki rightly includes Höhenflugrekord, an absolute classic of the Neue Sachlichkeit, in his highly influential Der Kanon–Erzählungen . In the FAZ in 2010, however, he pointed out that Feuchtwanger’s writing was sometimes “gaudy”.

Micha Brumlik, professor of education at the University of Frankfurt, writing in the Jüdische Allgemeine in 2013, values in particular the contemporary relevance of Der jüdische Krieg (NB: I rather agree–see here).

Bayerischer Rundfunk noted in 2014 , when broadcasting a rerun of Dietrich Leube’s TV documentary Lion Feuchtwanger: Geachtet & geächtet, that it was with Erfolg that Lion Feuchtwanger staked his claim to immortality.


And Ian Wallace (IFS president and emeritus professor of German at the University of Bath), writing for the Forgotten Gems section of the website New Books in German, admires Die Jüdin von Toledo for its portrayal of the mindset behind holy war (a matter of enormous contemporary concern).


At the Bibliothek der verbrannten und verbannten Buecher at Munich’s new NS-Dokumentationszentrum. Oskar Maria Graf famously commented that he wished the Nazis had burned his books in 1933; a year later they were in fact banned. The yellow edition of Jud Suess appears to be the 1931 Th. Knaur Nachf. Verlag (Berlin) edition. The total print run in German up until 1933 was 200,000; in other European languages (English, French and a dozen others), Yiddish and Hebrew it was 638,000.


A couple of re-runs of note:

Michael Verhoeven’s film Menschliches Versagen (see also earlier post) tomorrow night on ARD:



Re-run of Barbara Schepanek’s 2015 documentary Schatten ueber Muenchen, which uses Erfolg as a basis for its account of Munich as the “Hauptstadt der Bewegung”, has already been broadcast:



Coming up at Villa Aurora at the end of the month:


[Update: Herb has sent some of the images from his presentation):]



Image credit: Judith Serlin
Image credit: Judith Serlin



Just published by Manfred Fluegge (I had the pleasure of editing the English translation) and reviewed in IFS Newsletter 21 here:


Manfred will give a talk on this subject at the Literaturhaus in Berlin on December 6th 2016. See also April 12th blogpost (below) concerning the Artemis Joukowsky/Ken Burns/Tom Hanks film about the Sharps, which has just been broadcast on PBS.


[Update: Manfred has sent the info for the Literaturhaus event]

 FLUCHT AUS FRANKREICH,  Die amerikanischen Retter von Lion und Marta Feuchtwanger,  Ein Vortrag von MANFRED FLÜGGE

mit einführenden Worten des Geschäftsträgers a.i. der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika KENT D. LOGSDON

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2016, 20 Uhr, Literaturhaus Berlin, Fasanenstraße 23, 10719 Berlin (Großer Saal)

Eintritt: 5,- / 3,- €

Herb Krill’s 2008 film Feuchtwanger lebt! is playing at Lichtspiel in Bern tomorrow night. Herb will be giving a live introduction.  There will be a screening of the 1971 Konrad Wolf film version of Goya at Lichtspiel in two weeks’ time.


Update: Herb’s next event, a presentation about Hilde Waldo, will be at Villa Aurora on October 29th (followed by a reception).